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Happy Hour Networking
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5 Tips to enjoy Happy Hour & Networking

by: Ivonne Cardona

1. Bring your Business Cards and even more – common “oops I forgot”! Your cards are a simple take away reminder of who you are.

2. Don’t Sell – keep your conversation fun & light especially since it’s Happy Hour. Remember, networking is all about relationship building so enjoy your time and get to know the person.

3. Be passionate about YOU – show enthusiasm about your product or the services you offer. If you enjoy what you do, it leaves a lasting impression of what you love to do.

4. Have a Two-Way Convo – don’t hijack the conversation by going on free informational about YOU overload. Ask questions and genuinely show interest in the other networker.

5. Follow-up – whether it’s at another Happy Hour or even the next morning with coffee, it’s wise to stay in touch! Send an email or text referencing something you discussed to spark interest.

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